Japanese Organic Matcha Tea - Ceremonial Grade

Green Buddha Matcha Tea is 100% organic and high quality ceremonial grade Matcha tea that comes directly from Japan.

We are a small and independent business which is passionate about healthy living, exercise and a good work life balance. We have sourced the tea and packaging ourselves and have chosen an authentic style tea canister and all animal free products for our packaging. Green Buddha is not just a tea, it is Matcha tea.

Start the day the Matcha way!

Keeping things simple will give you the motivation to maintain a healthy balanced life so making it easy, fun and manageable is important. A Green Buddha Matcha diet will get those results whether that be weight loss, detoxing or having better focus. The health benefits of Green Buddha matcha tea are amazing. Feel free to contact us or why not buy our tea.

How to make the perfect Green Buddha Matcha latte from home

Matcha Latte
  • Add half a tea spoon of Green Buddha Matcha powder to a large mug or bowl
  • Add 50ml of boiling water to your Matcha powder
  • Using a bamboo whisk, stir the Matcha into a paste using a zig zag motion turning it into a lovely and frothy paste 
  • Heat 150ml of milk in a saucepan until hot (do not boil)
  • Whisk the milk using the bamboo whisk to get extra frothiness (optional)
  • Pour the milk into the bowl with the Matcha tea paste 
  • Enjoy the perfect Green Buddha Matcha latte goodness

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